Monday, 31 October 2011

New Red Kimono Painting - In a hurry!

I am hoping to paint a new Red Kimono work in time for the Edinburgh Art Fair. It needs to be done by the 10th November so I am cutting it fine! It is another in the series I have been working on from the photo shoot with my good friend and model Fran. I don't normally do as many paintings from the one shoot but the other two that were promised to Art Exposure Gallery have been snapped up.

These photos show the work done on Saturday 29th Oct, in roughly a 4 hour period. This is the alla prima underpainting stage so it is more about the colours and composition. The tonal range will come together in the next sitting.




  1. oh, the stress and excitement of a deadline! Love it....the painting that is. Looking amazing as usual.

  2. The blog and the paintings are looking great, thanks for the in-progress shots!

  3. HI Terry, Thanks for the encouraging words. This is such a new blog I just hope to keep it fresh. Your blog is great. This painting is thankfully going well - I dont have the time for any 'happy' mistakes!