Monday, 6 February 2012

it's been a while.....

I have been neglecting my blog a bit of late. Sorry! After a lovely wee family trip to Lanzarote for New Year, I came back to the realisation that I have a Solo show to prepare for in less than 2 months. So I have been very busy painting and not so busy typing.

As well as producing work for the Solo I had a commitment to paint a large scale kimono for the Red Rag Gallery in Bath. It is now finished and waiting for a varnish and a frame. I am still not sure how to frame such a big one.

It was quite a task to paint such a  heavily patterned kimono like this but I really enjoyed it. The brush work is much looser than my previous paintings - it may be something I will explore in the future. 


  1. Hi, StephRew,
    the kimono is a fantastic work. How about the size of the oil ?

  2. Thank you Enno, This painting is 100x120cms. Oil on canvas

    1. Hi, Stephanie Rew,
      I am sure the kimono will be the highlight of your exhibition. Good luck for your show.