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Women Painting Women UK Show - Update...

Updates on the WPW Show.... After a wee change in the line up we now have a terrific group of ladies. What is extra special about this WPW show is the range of ages represented. From the talent of recent graduate Morag Cullens to the beautiful sensitive paintings of octogenarian Anda Paterson, this exhibition shows us just how much these contemporary female artists have to say about their gender and experiences. It is NOT one to miss....

I have re-posted some information about the show...

Well, it is now confirmed and all the balls are rolling on UK's very own Women Painting Women Exhibition. It will take place at Art Exposure Gallery in Glasgow. Art Exposure gallery has been home to my paintings since I graduated from art college many moons ago and the owner Frances Lowrie is a friend as well as a big fan of figurative painting so it was an easy decision to collaborate with her and put a group exhibition on at her premises. 

11 of UK's finest female figurative painters (that's a lot of 'Fs!) will be exhibiting. I will post more information about the artists soon....

This exhibition is born out of a movement started as the Women Painting Women Blogspot
which is an online resource highlighting women artists working in the figurative tradition. The website arose out of online discussions about how contemporary women artists are handling women as subjects.

Inspired by these discussions but failing to find any single, comprehensive online resource cataloguing contemporary women artists painting the female figure, artists Sadie Valeri,Alia El-Bermani, and Diane Feissel established the site in March of 2009; since then the site has featured the work of more than 260 women painters from around the globe. Out of the overwhelming positive response to the website grew a desire to create opportunities for women artists from diverse locations to gather and share inspiration and technique, and to promote and exhibit their work

I was selected to show 2 of my paintings in the first group show at Robert Lange Studios in Charleston, Virginia in 2010 where over 50 artists took part. Six of the exhibiting artists at Art Exposure Gallery have been featured on the original WPW blogsite.

Since then the movement has grown. When the idea of a series of exhibitions were to run concurrently all over the world - (R)Evolution WPW  - was launched, I decided to curate a UK based show with Art Exposure Gallery to represent the strong figurative talent this side of the pond. We are currently the only gallery in Europe to host a WPW show, but that could change as more galleries are joining the movement, with seven venues currently organising an event.

The show opens  20th September 2013 and runs until 8th October 2013 concurrently with the other WPW events across the US.

All the shows will open on the same night  -the 20th September! 

Haynes Gallery Nashville, Tennessee
 MGallery Charleston, South Carolina
Richard J Demato Fine Art Sag Harbor, New York
Art Exposure Gallery Glasgow, Scotland UK
San Angelo Art Club San Angelo, Texas
Townsend Atelier Chattanooga, Tennessee
WPW New Jersey exhibit info coming soon.

Watch this space for more...

WPW (R)evolution  - Principle Gallery Press release

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